Thursday, February 18, 2010

Keyka Lou Patterns

One of  the first  thngs I purchased on etsy, when I found etsy , was a pattern from keykalou. Since I don't make my own patterns it  is essential that I have a good pattern to follow. There are hundreds and hundreds of patterns out there and a lot of them left me scratching my head, thinking what in the world are they talking about?  Not so with keykaloupatterns.  These patterns are very well thought out and written..  Of course, a little sewing experience does help , but I would definitely recommend several of  these patterns to a beginner.
Michelle's  blog, is full of all kinds of tips and techniques to help you sew a beautiful bag or clutch. It's an everyday read for me and I think I have just about all of her patterns.  
keykaloupatterns are great for gift giving or an afternoon project. You can also sell your finished product giving keykalou design credit. I like that a lot!  Here are two of my favorites-

City Tote

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