Sunday, March 14, 2010

Week 7 Falling Out of Love With a Technique

Last week I told you how I fell in love with creating,  well this week I'm going to tell you about how I absolutely hated it for the longest time. Yes I know, how could one be so passionate about sewing  or anything for that matter and then wind up hating it so much that you give it up for several years.  Its only been about the past five years that I have found my way back to my love for it.  You'll remember last week I said I started sewing at about age nine and fell in love with making all kinds of clothes for my sister and myself. I did, really, but over the course of a few years I was doing so much sewing that I wasn't doing anything else.  It became a job because everyone wanted me to sew something for them, and I did. I sewed and sewed and sewed. Finally I was so burnt out I just gave it up and walked away from it all.   Honestly,  it was a relief. I wish I would have known how to  balance responsibility and  to say  no once in awhile.  I missed a lot of time doing  something I really  loved and enjoyed. Although I don't feel the frustration that I once felt creating  and sewing , my challenge now is trying to handle too many interruptions.     How about you? Have you ever had to deal with anything similar?

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