Monday, April 12, 2010

# 10 My Favorite Tools

One would think that a seamstress would choose her sewing machine as her favorite tool or an etsy seller would choose her computer as her favorite tool.  All though I certainly appreciate and need both to sew and sell my wares, they are by far, not my favorite tools. The favorites in the RosieMaye Studio are the small taken for granted tools. The little inexpensive tools and gadgets that make sewing  so much more enjoyable and fun. They help eliminate the frustration that sewing can sometimes cause. Nothing takes the place of a good sharp pair of comfortable scissors and a rotary cutter makes cutting squares and straight strips a breeze. Turning tools are so very handy. A large see- thru  ruler ensures a nice straight cut and mark-b-gone  pens are  wonderful tools to have in your stash of handy and useful gadgets.  My favorite tool of all time though is my micro-tip scissors.  I do love them! They let me do the finest work in such small places without damaging my product.  They are always by my side if not in my pocket.  Do you have some favorite tools and gadgets?

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