Sunday, March 28, 2010

2nd and Final Stage of a New Product

If you remember this previous post I covered the first stage of a new product.  After the pieces are cut I need to put in  a zipper.  So after I cut the slot for the zipper I hand baste the zipper to the lining. After the zipper is completed I  sew the lining together and then the main pieces together. I prepare the strap and top pieces  to attach to the purse. I fit the completed pieces together for turning.  Once the bag is turned I  top stitch the  pieces as well as attaching  and top stitching the strap.  This purse has two small pieces that I hand stitched to the top corners of the bag in order to hide any raw edges and a piece of elastic was added for the closure.
After attaching a button and doing some pressing this is the final product.
You can find the Whimsey Shopper here.  If you would like to make one your self you can find the pattern here.  


  1. Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your process!

  2. Thank you Brandi! I wish I would have taken more pictures but I was more involved in the sewing, than the picture taking.


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