Monday, March 1, 2010

Overcoming an Obstacle

Week three's assignment if you are familiar with  52 Weeks of Blogging You Passion, is to write about an obstacle I overcame.  Well, I think that there are many but for 
the sake of this post I will only write about one. The biggest challenge I face is going from one task to another.I think this would fall into the category of  organization.  I'm sure you have all faced this at one time or another.  You know you're in your studio or work space and you're sewing, painting, creating etc... and all of a sudden it's time for dinner or you have to drive somebody somewhere and you have to switch tasks! Some people do really well at this but, I do not. I find it totally frustrating.  I just don't switch modes easily, never have and probably never will, at least with out some organizational strategies up my sleeve. If you have some please let me know.
Although this is one of my greatest frustrations at times, I have found that some planning does help.  Simple as it is, I still struggle a lot of the time.  I have learned that life can throw you a lot of curves, that I can't control so the things I can control  like planning meals or being prepared for all of a sudden things takes away  some of the stress and frustration. Making sure all my materials and tools are close at hand and that I have everything I will need for a project  before I start, is actually calming and makes the creating so much more enjoyable, which is the reason I have chosen  to do this in the first place.  How do you handle similar frustrations!


  1. I have just recently worked out that those interruptions have helped me more creatively! Sounds crazy I know but sometimes when I come back to my work I see it with fresh eyes. Like you, they used to frustrate. Not so much anymore.

  2. Oh Donna! You will never believe how I have overcome this very same obstacle... with my oven timer!! I actually set the oven timer before I go into the W&W workshop. When it goes off, I know it's time to pack up and go to work, or start cooking dinner, or wash the dog... whatever I need to do back in the "real world". I know it sounds funny, but it works!

  3. But, for a brief second, I think someone has just baked a delicious cake, and I'm ever so disappointed when I realise it's just time to go to work! x

  4. Donna, you are so not alone. I can relate - constant distractions frustrate me, too. It definitely interrupts the creative flow.

    The only thing that I can suggest is to set a block of time for yourself, and let the loved ones in your life know that this is your creative (alone) time. By setting gentle guidelines for yourself and getting others to acknowledge them, you might feel more in control and more productive.

    P.S. That oven timer sounds like an awesome way to keep track of time!


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