Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Does it Mean to Buy Handmade

What does it mean  to buy handmade? To me it means buying from a real person,  it provides a connection to their passion and creativity no matter what the handmade item is..

 Their handmade items provide uniqueness, quality, value, beauty and usefulness.  Tara Gentile from scoutie girl  wrote a compelling  blog post this morning that really struck a nerve with me.

I'm not sure the words "Buy Handmade" are the right words to encourage  those who might buy handmade to buy handmade. 

 I think it misses the real point of buying things that are made by hand as opposed to buying something  from a big box store or not buying at all. 

"Buy Handmade"" Do this, do that", sounds more like an order than a polite request to consider purchasing handmade items.

  Maybe changing the wording  to  " I Like Handmade" or "Handmade  Rocks"  would be less bossy and  more encouraging  to those who have not yet found a good reason to buy handmade. 

Any thoughts?

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