Friday, April 15, 2011

Start Something New

 I think by now everyone is at least trying to reduce,  reuse and recycle. At least I hope so! It's not that hard to do  something to help the planet .   The air we breath, the water we drink the soil that our food comes from- we really  must do what we can and it really isn't that difficult.

 Recycling is a normal activity in our home, everything that can be recycled is recycled . It takes about one half hour a week if that. Reusing and reducing  everything we can instead of purchasing more or better yet doing without  is a little more of a challenge but, we give it a good try.  We aren't perfect at all of this, but the more we do the better we get at it and the easier it becomes.

So why not start something new.  Anything counts.   Recycling, reusing , reducing.  Just choose something and keep doing it.   It might be small, but it really will help!

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